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HBIS Directly Sold Over 10,000Tons of High Strength Ocean Engineering Steel To The 1st Coastal Wind Power Project In Northern China

HBIS has successfully signed a sales contract to provide 10,000tons of high strength ocean engineering steel to first coastal wind power project in northern China-- 300MW Puti Island Wind Power Showcase Plant in Laoting,Tangshan. 

HBIS has been pursing an optimization  of its structures by focusing on key national engineering projects. With the information it receives, the company engages the project owners and equipment manufacturers and provide specifically prepared promotion packages and technical solutions. With high quality products and sales records, HBIS is winning more clients.

HBIS ocean engineering steel has won the contracts of multiple major wind power projects in the seas, including Dongtai 200MW coastal wind power project, Longyuan Rudong 150MW coastal wind power project,Huaneng Rudong offshore “Double Ten”Wind Power project.