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HBIS Plat Deep Processing Services Winning World’s Top Hydro Power Equipment Manufacturers

July 9th, HBIS delivered its first 6 high thickness and high end processed hydro power steel plates to an international hydro power equipment manufacturer, that in turn be used to manufacture the base ring of the generator of the world’s largest pumped storage power station-- Hebei Fengning hydro power project. This is the latest project HBIS has delivered its service packages of client assistance, plate production, cutting & processing and delivery after its sales to the previous Baihe Beach, Changlong Shan largest scale hydro power station project. 

HBIS high thickness high end hydro power steel owns excellent welding, mechanical, lower temperature impact toughness characteristics and could take tremendous pressure and impact in operation. HBIS products have been well accepted by world’s leading international hydro power equipment manufacturers and the domestic strategic clients. In addition, HBIS developed its sales and services model to extend its industrial chain to improve its added value of the sales. From the original order/sales model, HBIS has upgraded to a comprehensive service including plate cutting, processing and delivery services.