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HBIS Chairman Meeting GATECH Vice President Yves Henri Berthelot

July 20th, HBIS CCP and Group Chairman Yu Yong met Mr. Yves Henri Berthelot, Vice President of Georgia Institute of Technology (Gatech) and his delegation. In a friendly environment, the parties agreed to deepen the cooperation between academics and enterprises and enhance the win-win development. HBIS and Gatech signed the MOU of cooperation.

Yu Yong said, the future development and of HBIS offers broad room for academic & enterprise cooperation. More and more study results could be applied in HBIS and generate values. The state of the art HBIS equipment could assist the industrial technology applications.HBIS highly values the cooperation with Gatech and he believes that the parties could build an efficient coordination scheme and make more value for the growth of the industry. 

Vice President Berthelot said that it was strategically important for Gatech to work with Chinese multinational enterprises. We understand that HBIS has made rapid progress in its internationalized and diversified development and has very high standards in choosing its partners. We believe, Gatech is absolutely qualified to be one of the partners. In our future cooperation, we will able to provide perfect and dedicated services to HBIS and make our own contributions to the brisk development of HBIS. 

Georgia Institute of Technology was founded in 1885 and is one of world’s top research institutes. It is a member of AAC alliance and member of Ivy league universities. According to the MOU, with the mutually beneficial principle, HBIS and Gatech will study to establish a HBIS Sustainable Manufacture & Innovation Center (ICSM) to complement and benefit each other to carry out project studies, staff exchanges and training programs.