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The Ninth HBIS Cup Working Skill Competition Completed

August 3rd, the Ninth HBIS Cup working Skill Competition completed all its sessions and 9 technicians won their titles from 148 competitors and championed converter steel making skill, high speed wire skill, crane operator, hot rolled strap steel making skill, continuous casting skill, BF iron making skill, wielding skill, high width/thickness plate rolling skill session. 

The annual HBIS Cup Working skill Competition has become a channel of HBIS subsidiaries finding their top operating figures and setting up future operating parameters. It also allows HBIS employees to show their talents and make their careers. The competition encourages HBIS subsidiaries to establish their employee training programs including online simulation, working skill rally, employee innovation. Top operator winners, such as Zhou wentao, Tang Xiaoyu are entering the international arena.     

This year’s competition setup new titles of different working skills to serve the new development concept of the group, which is to upgrade its operators to technicians.

This year, the champions of each session will receive the HBIS Golden Worker Title, and the champions of BF iron making, hot rolled strap steel making, crane operator and wielding skill champions will attend the country level steel industrial competitions on behalf of HBIS. The 2nd and 3rd winners of all sessions will receive Skill Leader titles, the 4th to 8th winners will receive HBIS Skill Expert titles.