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HBIS Huanghua Terminal Integrating Port & Railway Systems

July 31st, Shuo-Huang Railway, Han-Huang Railway, Cang-Gang Railway successfully connected in Bohai West Station, Huanghua Port. This is a historical moment of HBIS Huanghua Terminal completing its port & railway integration project, which allows HBIS Huanghua terminal to play an important role enhancing the economic development of Mid & South of Hebei province and the Belt & Road Initiative projects. 

HBIS Huanghua Port Terminal is an important port asset of the group which owns comprehensive port facilities and provides services to inner land clients of Mid & Southern Hebei Province, Henan and Shaanxi Province. While the central government intensifying the environmental protection policies, Hebei provincial government has instructed the Huanghua port to completely terminate the truck transportation of coal materials. To cope with the new policies, HBIS, which is one of the share holders of Han-Huang railway, worked hard on the project of Integration of  Shuo-Huang Railway, Huan-Huang Railway and Cang-Gang Railway systems. After its completion, all the materials along the Shuo-Huang Railway, including coal, could reach the port terminal, avoiding all previous transhipment, secondary transportation and the environment pollution, reducing the logistic costs and improving port services.This project also resolves the iron ore transportation problems of inner land steel mills by loading the returning trains from the port. The seamless connection between port and railway effectively improves the capabilities of the logistic systems and supports the regional economic development.