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HBIS Winning 12 Metallurgical S&T Awards

The Chinese Iron & Steel Association and Society For Metals have released the winners their co-hosted Metallurgical Science & Technology Awards. HBIS won 12 title of the 2018 Metallurgical S&T wards, including 3 champions, two second place awards and 7 third place awards. 

The champion winning projects are <The Heavy Pressing Technologies and Application of Solidification In The End of  Continuous Casting>, <The Key Technologies of High Quality Special Green & High Efficiency Arc Slag Melting And Its Application> and <Performance Valuation System & Applications of BF Coal Injection>. The Second Place Awards winner projects are <The High Efficiency Integration of Coking Energy Flow and Applications>, <High Performance of Bainitic & Martensitic Dual Phase High Strength and Applications >. The <HBIS Xuan Steel Low BF Low Fuel Ratio Composite Integration Technology>, <Vanadium Alloy Clean Manufacturing Technologies and Industrial Applications>, <High Quality & Complex Cross Section of Super Sized Casting Technologies & Applications><The Designated and Metallurgical Client Oriented Information System of Intelligent Manufacturing>,<The Container Based Internet R&D Platform Application In Large Enterprise Finance Management>, <Environmental Friendly and Efficient Metallurgical Raw Material Logistic Technologies and Applications>, <Continuous Casting Equipment Technologies & Applications>. 7 HBIS projects won the third place awards.