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HBIS Chairman Met Harsco Metals&Minerals VP & Chief Operating Officer Russ Mitchell

August 23, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met Mr.Russ Mitchell, VP & Chief Operating Officer of  Harsco Metals& Minerals in HBIS headquarter and discussed to strengthen their cooperation.   

Yu Yong said that HASCO was one of the most important foreign clients of HBIS and they had a long history of cooperation. In the future, the parties need to be more complementary, coordinated and to meet the demands of its partners to make the win-win businesses mutually beneficial. HBIS hopes that HASCO could provide more competitive technologies and products. More importantly, HASCO could be more innovative and give more support to HBIS and the overall Chinese steel industry.

Mr.Mitchell said HBIS was a very important partner of HASCO and he appreciated the support and assistance of HBIS. In future, HASCO has the willingness to deepen its cooperation with HBIS in more fields, providing not only high quality services, but also new procedures, new technologies and new products, enhancing the cooperation to a new level.