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HBIS Belt & Road Showpiece Project Widely Presented By State Broadcasters

2018 is the fifth year that Chairman Xi Jinping launched the Belt & Road Initiative. HBIS has been closely following the nation strategy and implementing Belt & Road Projects, making HBIS Serbia a showpiece project in China & Mid/Eastern European production cooperation.The People’s Daily, Guangming Daily, CCTV and other central government state broadcasters are reporting  the new development since HBIS took over the Serbian steel mill and its contributions to local economy. 

People’s Daily, Xinhua News,, Guangming Daily, Economic Daily and CCTV have published that reports of “The Reviving Century Old Mill In Serbia”, “The Valuable Chinese Development Experiences”, “Saving A Mill, Reviving The Whole City”, “Because of Belt & Road, They Transformed”, “Hand in Hand, China & Serbia, Century Old Steel Mill Regaining Strength”, “Belt & Road Bringing Energy To Serbia”, “Benefiting From The Belt & Road Initiative”, “Belt & Road, Life Changing Five Years” in their frontal pages making extensive coverage. Other contral government state broadcasters including, China Youth Online have forwarded those stories.

In News Night Report of CCTV, the journalist tells the story a local couple that both are HBIS employees. Their changes are living showing that HBIS has been successfully implementing the Chairman Xi Jinping’s requirements and new development of the mill. In People’s Daily says in its report “Today, with the hard and integrated work, HBIS Serbia is making to its goal and becoming a showpiece project in China & Mid/Eastern European Production Cooperation. ”

As the first steel mill project of any Chinese steel enterprise in Europe, HBIS Serbia has the responsibility to implement the Belt & Road Initiative and provide case studies and experiences. The take over of Smederevo steel by HBIS could be seem as the first success by a major Chinese enterprise, providing a raw model for Chinese enterprises M&A efforts in Serbia and other European countries. The Guangming Daily highly praised the project as playing an positive in the “Going Out”efforts of Chinese enterprises. Guangming Daily also indicated that integrated take over model provided a solution to the employment of local communities, which could lift the local economy and thus, receiving substantial support from local government and communities.  

Because of the excellent success of HBIS Serbia, HBIS has gained a positive image for itself and even the nation. Serbian have shown great passion to Chinese people. In the Economic Daily’s interview to Serbian President AleksandarVučić, Mr.President twice, invited more Chinese people to visit Serbia. Xinhua News quoted the last words of Semederevo Mayor’s welcome speech “We really welcome the Chinese to visit Smederevo and here, Chinese are family.”