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HBIS & Northeastern University Technological Research Institute(HNRI) Making Progress In the First Two Years of Operation

August 21 and 22, HBIS held the second HBIS & Northeastern University Annual International Academic Seminar with the title of Sustainable Green Steel Making A Better World, attracting famous experts, academics all over the world. In its incorporation two years ago, has become a platform promoting global technology R&D and global academic exchanges. Focusing on strategic, frontier, revolutionary and bottleneck problems of steel industry, HNRI has developed key technologies allowing HBIS to improve its core competitive capabilities and enhancing its brands in the industry.

Firmly implementing the Chairman Xi Jinping’s “Comprehensively Pursuing Key National Demand Oriented Strategic High Tec Research Institute”, HNRI has been implementing and participating some key national projects, including “Key Technologies of Intelligent Equipment of Long Materials”, which is an important technology in rod production facility, lowering the production cost by 50 RMB per ton and the energy consumption of coal by 15Kg/ton. HNRI’s ocean engineering technology is also making breakthrough by making the 210mm high thickness rack steel,type A517GrQ on an industrial scale first in the country. HNRI’s Intelligent Flat material project achieves its goal of full process monitor and comprehensive optimization. The “Ultra low temperature & Highly Corrosive Environment low cost container steel and its application” project has complete its preliminary alloy design and optimization.

HNRY is also also trying to develop solutions to assist the industrial upgrade of the group, answering key and fundamental questions. The institute has made thorough investigations in key production facilities of HBIS and identified 34 key projects in steel making, rolling, new material & products, intelligent monitoring & Manufacturing technologies, in which 24 of them been completed. HBIS has successfully developed all weather Q355GNH~Q550NH series and anti air corrosion Q450NQR1 series for railway locomotive & car materials. The Vanadium hot formation high strength steel project improves the efficiency of vanadium application. The Cr-Mo steel, rack steel, anti-HS HIC steel have made to the top level of the world.

HNRI is now a training center of the group. With the production facilities and the education capabilities of Northeastern University, HNRI is been training talents of steel industry, the future innovation teams of steel industry.

HNRI has stepped its communications with other institutions, win series of state and provincial awards. The “New Generation Controlled Rolling & Cooling In Hot Rolling Strips & Straps and Application”wins the National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize, “High Quality Green & High Efficiency Arc Slag Remelting Technology and Applications” and Heavy Pressing Technologies and Application of Solidification In The End of  Continuous Casting win Metallurgical S&T First Prize. These projects are not only upgrading HBIS and its sustainable development, they are also improve the competitiveness of HBIS and Northeastern University. HNRI has received high remarks from academicians, experts, scholars and big multinationals.