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HBIS Ranks 54 In 2018 China Top 500 Enterprises

September 2, The China Enterprise Confederation(CEC)and China Enterprise Directors Association(CEDA) published their 2018 China Top 500 Enterprises, China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises and China Top 100 Multinational Enterprises. With its 306.8 billion Yuan annual revenue and 60.9 billion Yuan overseas assets, HBIS enters all three lists, ranking No.54, 17 and 30. In the Top 100 multinational list,with the 60.9 billion Yuan overseas assets, 84.5 billion Yuan overseas revenue and 18.02% readings of tansnationality index, HBIS ranks No.1 in competing Chinese steel enterprises 

Following the national strategies, HBIS has firmly implemented the supply side reform and high quality development initiatives in the years. Focusing on markets and products, HBIS has expanded its reaches to material industry, manufacturing & services, becoming the largest household electric appliance steel strip and second largest automobile strip supplier in the country. HBIS has been highly active in following the national Belt & Road Initiative, speeding up its A globalized Sales Service Platform, A globalized Technology Research Platform and A Globalized Steel Manufacturing Platform efforts. It is building a globalized industrial chain and becoming the most internationalized steel enterprise in China and a pioneer in international capacity cooperation.