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HBIS Chairman Attending Northeastern University 95 Anniversary Of Establishment Celebration And First Class University Summit


September 15th, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman and Northeastern University Deputy Board Director Yu Yong attended the 95 Anniversary of its establishment celebration and the First Class University Summit in which he shared his thoughts and comment over building a first class university, from an enterprise’s perspective.

In the 95 year’s anniversary celebration ceremony, Yu Yong congratulated the 95 years anniversary of the Northeastern University and said that the talented university graduates had become leading scholars in steel industry and making the frontier achievements and develop common purpose technologies. HBIS highly values its cooperation with Northeastern University and the jointly establishes the HBIS & NU Industrial Technology Research Institute, developing strategic, frontier, leading,  bottleneck, common purpose technologies. The Institute has initiated“Procedure-Equipment-Product-Service”package innovations to comprehensively upgrade HBIS technologies and products. HBIS and the Northeastern University regularly hold international academic seminars, providing a brand new communications platform for the R&D of the world steel industry to improve the high quality development of the industry. From the perspective of socialism with Chinese Characteristics, HBIS is willing to work with Northeastern University to coordinate their innovation of Production- Academy-Research and push the University & Enterprise Cooperation to a new level. The partners will jointly elevate the Chinese steel industry to the high end in the global value chain and make their own contributions in the Chinese dream of national great rejuvenation. 

In Yu Yong’s speech in the summit, he said, to cope with national economic development, a first class university should specifically study to meet the national requirements of high quality development. The present Chinese economy has entered a high quality development phase and the universities should serve the economy. Besides basic and future oriented studies, the universities should develop technology applications that could provide support to Chinese steel industry and Academician Wang Guodong has setup a showcase example in metallurgy, leading the Chinese steel industry to a high quality growth. Northeastern University will give more valuable support to HBIS and Chinese steel industry in the future.

Yu Yong said, in its quest to a first class university, Northeastern University should differentiate its education and specializations. The value of university is not only on R&D projects, more importantly, it is valued by its capabilities transforming its projects into industrial applications. At present, many universities mainly focus on theoretical and basic research. Northeastern University, instead, is leading the efforts of transforming studies into actual procedures, technologies and products. HBIS believes that the Northeastern University could properly find its position and wisely value its international rankings and comments and make itself a dual first class university.