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HBIS & Chengde Municipal Government Signing Strategic Framework Agreement And HBIS Chengde Vanadium & Titanium New Material Corporation Unveiling The Name Plaque


September 17, HBIS and Chengde People’s Municipal Government signed their Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement and the HBIS Chengde Vanadium & Titanium New Material Corporation unveiled the name plaque. The ceremony was held in Chengde Municipal Government, representing the launching of the comprehensive cooperation of the parties and incorporation of joint venture of HBIS Chengde Vanadium & Titanium New Material Corporation, whose shareholders were HBIS and Chengde Municipal Holding & Investment Group. This is a major action of HBIS and Chengde Municipal government deeply implementing Chairman Xi Jinping’s requirement spirits of actively reducing the capacities and implementing the capacity reduction decisions made by Hebei Provincial CCP Committee and Government. It is also a practice following the national strategies of comprehensively developing and applying the Vanadium & Titanium resources, reducing capacities, reform the structure, improving quality and profits. The partners will further expand the industrial chain and joint force to build a world class Vanadium & Titanium industrial base and enhance the upgrade the green industry, pushing the innovation development, green development and high quality development of HBIS forward. Hebei Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Provincial People's Congress, Chengde Mayor Zhou Zhongming, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong made their speeches and together unveiled the name plaque of HBIS Vanadium & Titanium New Material Corporation. HBIS President and Group CCP Deputy Chairman Peng Zhaofeng, Chengde Municipal CCP Committee Deputy Chairman, Mayor  Chang Lihong signed the Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement. 

In his speech, Zhou Zhongming said HBIS Chengde Vanadium & Titanium New Material Corporation was about to implement the fundamental requirement of innovation development, green development and high quality development and firmly implement the strategic decisions made by Provincial CCP Committee and Government. The company will be play a significant role in enhancing the Chengde state level Vanadium & Titanium Industrial base.It shows that the Chengde Vanadium & Titanium new material industrial is entering a new phase, the Chengde & HBIS cooperation coming to a new level. We will honor the Framework Agreement and optimize our resources to perfect our business environment to provide high quality services to HBIS Chengde V&T New Material. With the hard work, we will jointly make a strong & giant company, making Chengde a world leading and domestically first class, and biggest internationalized V&T new material Industry base. 

Yu Yong said the new corporation was right about to firmly implement the Provincial CCP Committee & Government’s environment and green development priority development and build a world class Vanadium & Titanium Industry base requirements. The new company will lead and push the reform, upgrade and high quality development of the country’s V&T industry. HBIS will work closely with Chengde municipal government and take full advantage of its global resources to build the first class V&T production base of the world and make our contribution in the pursuance of building an economically strong and beautiful Hebei Province.

According to the plan, the parties will firmly implement the national strategic development and application plan of V&T resources. They will follow the provincial initiative of building environmental priority, green develop to enhance the reform and upgrade of steel industry. They will fully benefit from the V&T resources of Chengde region, integrated industries, regional economy and HBIS advantages to optimize the allocations of V&T resources and improve its innovation capabilities,extend the V&T industry chain and attract the talents.HBIS subsidiary HBIS Company Ltd and Chengde City Holding Investment Group, whose sole shareholder is Chengde Municipal Governemnt, together invest to incorporate the new company will make it more the most influential, competitive and sustainable V&T industrial base.

HBIS Chengde V&T New Material Corporation will take important projects including Sub-molten Salt Vanadium Deep Processing and Aerospace Grade Vanadium Pentoxide, 14 important projects in total to upgrade its HBIS V&T products and improve its international market shares. By the end of “Thirteenth-Five-Year Plan”the company will be able to cover the whole Vanadium industry and V&T special steel will gain its reputation in the market and meet its goal of Chengde V&T new material industrial base. By the end of “Fourteenth Five-Year-Plan”, the company will further extend its production chain and explore high end applications of its Titanium products It will be a world class V&T industrial park that owns clean production capabilities and high end materials.