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HBIS & Serbian Ministry of Economy Signing Protocol Of Understanding

September 19, during the 12th Summer Davos Forum, Hebei Provincial Government sign a Memorandum of Understanding of China & Serbia Friendship(Hebei)Industrial Park Project with Serbian Ministry of Economy and HBIS signed the Protocol of Understanding. Before the signature, Hebei Government Xu Qin met Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who is attending the Summer Davos Forum and witnessed the signing of the documents. Hebei Deputy Government Xian Yanjun, Hebei Secretary General Zhu Haowen also attended this event. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman signed the MOU with the Serbian Ministry of Economy.   

In the meeting, on behalf of Hebei CCP Committee, Hebei Provincial Government and Hebei CCP Committee Chairman Wang Dongfeng, Xu Qin welcomed President Vucic and said that Serbia was an important node country along the Belt & Road and the friendly cooperation between Hebei and Serbia was an important part of China & Serbia communications. On September 19, in the warm meeting of Chairman Xi Jinping and your excellency, Chairman Xi highly praised the HBIS Serbian steel mill project and you reached series of consensus in jointly building Belt & Road, strengthening strategic coordination and pushing further cooperation. The profound expectations of Chairman Xi Jinping and President Vucic will encourage Hebei to sincerely implement the consensus of the leaders and provide full support to development of HBIS Serbia. We will not disappoint Xi Jinping and your excellency. In the construction of Belt & Road, Hebei will comprehensively explore cooperation opportunities in all fields and make welfare to Serbian and Hebei People.  

President Vucic said he was deeply moved by Chairman Xi Jinping’s affection and attention towards HBIS Serbian Steel project. In a very short period of time, HBIS revived a bankrupting steel mill and began to make a profit. We saw the capability of this Hebei enterprise and its efficiency. To us, HBIS Serbia is an important turning point in Serbian’s march forward. Since the takeover, everything has been on right direction. I have been recently informed that the steel mill’s output increased 30% and export increased 39%, bringing job opportunities and economic growth to Serbia. We are very glad to see that HBIS Serbia growing and developing together with Serbia. Serbian Government will offer full support to the HBIS Serbia and support the construction of China & Serbia Friendship(Hebei)Industry Park. Serbia is willing to actively participate the construction of Belt & Road and extend the cooperation under the framework of China and Mid/Eastern European countries.

After the meeting, Hebei Provincial Government and The Serbian Ministry of Economy side the MOU of China & Serbia Friendship Industrial Park. HBIS and Ministry of Economy of Serbia Republic signed the Protocol of Understand, which was in no time to implement the consensuses reached by Chinese and Serbian leaders, opening a new chapter of a deepening friendly cooperation.  

Before the meeting, Yu Yong had a brief discussion with President Vucic and said HBIS has been active implementing the country’s Belt & Road Initiative and enhancing its globalized development which was about to own resources in the globe, own global markets and clients,making a“HBIS of the World.” As one important step of HBIS internationalization, HBIS Serbia has drawn the attention of both Chinese and Serbian Leaders. With the great support of both countries, and led by both Hebei Provincial CCP Committee and Government,HBIS certainly will be dedicated to push this project to a new level and play an active role enhancing China & Serbia friendship.

President Vucic said, in his meeting with Chairman Xi Jinping, Chairman Xi was concerned with the progress of HBIS Serbia. Learning the perfect performance of this project, he was very pleased. HBIS Serbia is a project that both countries are focusing on and the Serbian government will do everything it could to support it and make it more satisfying to both parties.