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HBIS Holding Modern Industry Service Conference





September 29, HBIS held the Modern Industry Service Conference in its headquarter and launched the HBIS Supply Chain Management Co.Ltd, HBIS Industry Technological Service Co.Ltd on the same day. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, HBIS President and CCP Deputy Chairman Peng Zhaofeng unveil the name plaques for the two companies. 

Yu Yong emphasized that developing modern industry service business was a strategic move of the group implementing the 19th CPC National Congress Spirit and pursuing its supply side reform and achieving a high quality development. It will lead the group to a modern economic system and upgrade its competitiveness in the structural reform of steel industry. From this moment, HBIS will enter a new era of reform and extend its steel industrial chain to modern manufacturing and make the company one of the most valuable industrial service platform and comprehensive multinational enterprises.

Yu Yong said that the group had been considering entering the modern industry service business for quite a well. It is clear that in the past few years, HBIS has been focusing on market and product to revolutionize its traditional conception and production organization models. The group has successfully built its new sales and production model that matches HBIS model industrial systems and forces the company to build a genuine market oriented product upgrade mechanism. When the mechanism becomes integral motive of all HBIS employees and put it to action, it will become the solid launching pad for HBIS becoming the leading player in the Chinese steel industry. With this mechanism, HBIS develops its modern industry service business strategies.

Finally, Yu Yong emphasized that all the executives and staff should take their responsibilities and take the opportunities brought by the external challenges. They should actively implement the reform and upgrade of the group and make it a comprehensive multinational enterprise expertise in steel production and industrial services.

According to its modern industry service concept, HBIS will upgrade its regional structure, client structure and product structure and expand its industry chain to modern manufacturing and municipal services. It will cultivate new industries and new businesses, from steel to material, from production to services. The industry service sector will focus on industrial technologies, engineering technologies, digital technologies, industrial trade and industrial financing.

HBIS Supply Chain Management Co.Ltd, HBIS Industry Technological Service Co.Ltd will respectively be responsible for industry service financing and industry technological services, including investment, management and operation. The companies will give the HBIS the structure and ability to enter the industry service business. The supply chain company will integrate the group’s finance sectors and build a digital oriented supply chain financing platform for upper and downstream  enterprises. The industry technological service company invest and operate high end metal material and equipment parts projects, implementing steel material to equipment parts, module service packages.