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HBIS Leader Visiting Siemens Global Headquarter


October 19th local time, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong and his delegation visited Siemens Global Headquarter in Munich, Germany and met Siemens Director and Siemens Digital Industry Group CEO Dr.Klaus Helmrich, Siemens Process Industries and Drives Group CEO Dr.Jürgen Brandes, Siemens Corporate Technology Cooperation President and ZVEI 4.0 spokesperson Dr.Dieter Wegener and discussed to cooperate in industry 4.0 and digital technological innovation, industrial service and new industries.    

Since the two group launched their comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership in October 2016, the parties have implemented series of projects in digital factory and intelligent manufacturing. As the largest Chinese steel producer, HBIS is comprehensively reforming its structures and upgrading its products, while Siemens is also implementing its Corporate Vision 2020+ Initiative, setting a long term develop director, launching a new strategy. The strategic adjustment of each group is giving the two world class enterprises a window of opportunities in deep level cooperation.

In his meeting with Dr.Klaus Helmrich, Yu Yong said that Siemens was a renowned enterprise. In the long term cooperation, Siemens has provided not only first class products, but also excellent services go far beyond the products themselves, the advanced concepts, management and technologies. HBIS and Siemens have established a strategic partnership that is far more than trading partners. HBIS now, is working to extend its steel industrial chain and developing new strategic industries and reforming to an industrial service oriented industry, highly compatible with Siemens business reforms and organization restructures. Their cooperation is cooperative and complementary. In our strategic partnership framework, we could collaborate in the whole steel industrial chain, including equity cooperation.  

Dr.Klaus Helmrich congratulated Mr.Yu Yong for being elected the new director of World Steel Association and said that he was very glad Siemens could become an important partner of HBIS. The two companies are working very well and Siemens will provide not only even better products and services to support the ongoing upgrade to its traditional industries of HBIS. More importantly, the two companies will together, face the future and develop the clout calculation, big data, industrial material internet technologies and their applications. 

In the morning, Yu Yong team also visit the Siemens Corporate Technology, which was incorporated back in 1905 and listened to the presentation titled Siemens R&D System and The latest development of Germany Industry 4.0 and Applications, made by Mr. Dieter Wegener, the CT Cooperation President and ZVEI 4.0 spokesperson. Yu Yong also discussed that additive material manufacturing and traditional industry development with Mr. Wegener. He believes that the additive material manufacturing technology and concept bring a revolution to the traditional manufacturing. The core of the revolution is to accommodate the ever shifting personalized and specifically designated demands of the clients and the corresponding reforms to the business models.  

Before meeting Dr.Klaus Helmrich, Yu Yong and his team visited Siemens Process Industries and Drives Group and met CEO Dr.Jürgen Brandes. Accompanied by Dr. Brandes, Yu Yong and his team had a tour in the Siemens Global Administration Center and and tried that Siemens intelligent building systems, intelligent energy and circulation systems.