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HBIS Leaders Visited PWC Swiss Headquarter

October 23, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong and his team visited PWC Zurich headquarter and met Dr.Markus Neuhaus, PWC Global Direct, Swiss Headquarter CEO, and Zurich Municipal Planning and Development Director Richard Heim. 

Dr.Markus Neuhaus introduced the PWC headquarter and its businesses and Mr.Richard Heim introduced the reform of old Zurich industrial zone. Yu Yong also made a site visit to the modern city complex and business district, the original old industrial zone 30 years before. They also visited the full steel building of PWC Swiss headquarter, the original workshop of old industries. 

In his meeting with Dr.Markus Neuhaus, Yu Yong said PWC was the largest accounting firm in the globe and had provided excellent services to HBIS in its internationalization efforts.PWC also has given HBIS more advanced business concepts. Meeting Mr.Richard Heim, Yu Yong said after the comprehensive upgrade and retrofit to the century old Zurich old industrial zone, with an extinguished mark of industrialization, the city had become a high end business district and a city complex in the community.They are all very good experiences to HBIS reform and upgrade.