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HBIS Products Winning Excellence Award of Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical Industry Quality Management Union(MIQMU)unveiled its 2018 winners of Excellence Award of Metallurgical Industry. After strict procedures of Project review, preliminary application, public study, product exam, expert review and public announce, 9 HBIS won the award of this year.

The winner products of HBIS are HBIS Tangsteel Automobile Structural Hot Rolled Strap, HBIS Hansteel continuous hot rolled galvanized strip and strap, high strength automobile cold rolled strip and strap, hot rolled wide strap for oil and gas purposes; HBIS Xuansteel prestressed hot rolled wires for steel strand; HBIS Chengsteel V&N alloy, hot ribbed wires for steel reinforced concrete, hot rolled strap for automobile beam, hot rolled wires for prestress reinforced concrete. 

The Excellence Award of Metallurgical Industry is one the most important award of the whole industry of MIQMU and dedicated to steadily improve quality of the products to meet the higher and more personalized client demands and enhance the quality to the international level.