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HBIS Intelligent Railway Logistics(IRL) Receives Non-Vehicle Shipper Trial Qualification

October 22, Tianjin Communication Committee published the 2018 Non-Vehicle Shipper Trial Qualifications of the city. HBIS Finance Subsidiary, HBIS Intelligent Railway Logistics (Tianjin) Ltd (IRL) is one of the first 12 enterprises. This trail project will allow the company to integrate the huge logistic resources and lower the cost and strengthen the digital supplier financing services of the group. 

Non-Vehicle Shipper, is one party that signs shipment contracts with consignor and bears the shipper’s obligations by engaging actual shippers to performance the road transportation. Compare to traditional business, the non-vehicle shipper could take advantage its information platform and integrate its logistic resources to improve the efficiency.

Beside the routine vehicle/cargo brokering services, the non-vehicle platform could provide insurance, maintenance, refueling, spare parts, financing & leasing and commercial factoring.HBIS IRL’s two major business mechanisms, carefully designed structure and credit management and transaction valuation will guarantee the smooth, orderly and regulated operation.