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HBIS & NEVS Signing Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement


October 31, the HBIS & NEVS signed their Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation Agreement and the ceremony was held in HBIS headquarter.

With the principle of Mutually Complementary, Open & cooperative, win-win cooperation, the parties will build a strategic cooperation partnership along the whole industrial chain. With the focus of new energy automobiles, the partners will establish an automobile industry and deepen the industrial coordination. They explore new business models and joint ventures to embed HBIS industrial service chain into the NEVS automobile industrial Chain. 

HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, NEVS Chairman Jiang Dalong attended the ceremony and made their speeches.  

In his speech, Yu Yong said that the two groups are joining force to implement the Chairman Xi Jinping’s ambitions of science and technology develop the nation. Chairman Xi instructed in his speech in his report in 19th CCP Congress that Chinese economy was enhancing its development model to a quality oriented development from the previous volume based development. In this key period of opportunity, HBIS and NEVS are all in the steel related business. They have share similar develop obligations, concepts and management strategies. This agreement today represents a new era in the cooperation of the two enterprises. Their future cooperation in the future will not be simple business transaction, instead, they will be based on the national development strategy, based on new businesses. Finding a new way of growth and diversified development is the root of HBIS development. We will be hand in hand with NEVS and materialize the HBIS Steel dream and NEVS Automobile dream and make our contributions to the national economy. 

Jiang Dalong said, Chairman Xi Jinping said that developing the new energy automobiles was the way we had to go in our strives to a strong automobile industry. Now, NEVS owns Sweden, Tianjin and Shanghai R&D and manufacturing bases and is managing to produce 700,000 electric powered vehicles per year and becoming the world’s largest high end electric automobile manufacturer. Its confidence is based on the support of the state, the future of automobile industry and the support of HBIS. The agreement today is a milestone of cooperation, which will be limited to material. We will materialize the national strategy raised by Chairman Xi Jinping and future of our enterprise. From now on, NEVS and HBIS are buddies on the same side and will fight our way out in the fiercely competing market. With our true heart, we wish our cooperation could be really mutually complementary and make our dream become reality. 

According to this agreement, HBIS and NEVS will utilize their own expertise in steel and automobile industry and build their own advantages in the whole industrial chain. With their even more opened concepts, they will build a high end industrial chain, including R&D, manufacturing and equity joint ventures and industrial alliance. With honest and sincerity and they will keep their promises to share the fruits of their joint development. Focusing on the core of the value added chain to face the cycles of the industries.