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HBIS Chairman Attended The Opening Ceremony of 9th International Capital Conference and Delivered His VIP Speech

November 29, with the titled of Sino-European Relationship, 9th International Capital Conference(ICC) was held in Beijing. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong attended the opening ceremony and made his VIP speech “Sino-European Relationship In the New Era of International Trade” giving comments of pursuing a mutually beneficial and coordinated development. ICC Chairman, Former Minister of MOFCOM, Former Boao Asian Forum Secretary General Long Yongtu, ICC Joint Chairman, Former French Prime Minister, Honorary Councillor, France Fondation Prospective & Innovation Chairman Jean-Pierre Raffarin, EU-China Brussels Commerce Assocation Chairman, Former Consul General of Dutch Consulate General In Shanghai Jochum HAAKMA, Chinese Academy Of Sciences Holding Co.Ltd Chairman Wu Lebin, Aberdeen Standard Investments International Business President, former British Foreign Minister Jeremy Browne attended professional discussions.  

Former director of Chinese MOFCOM European Division Sun Yongfu hosted the session and Bankers, insurance and bond, asset management, public energy sector, and technological innovation firms from China and 20 other European countries, in total, more than 200 people attended the sessions. 

Yu Yong introduced the performance of HBIS Duferco and said that what Duferco brought us was not only economic value, but also the platform, including the ability to allocate resources in the globe. The matured European market and business of Duferco is a support to HBIS development. Over the years, Duferco has been helping HBIS to sell its high end products to European and beyond markets. HBIS Duferco is not only a trading platform, it is a comprehensive service platform for resources between China and Europe.   

Yu Yong said that both Chinese and European enterprises have their own advantages and their cooperation was entering a new stage of mutually complementary. In our cooperation with out European enterprises, HBIS realizes that Europe is an ideal place for enterprises to invest. Through our Serbian Smederevo Steel Mill project in Serbia, we understand that the cooperation between Chinese and European enterprise has come to mutually complementary and coordinated stage from the original product export level. Over the 40-year reform, in the completely market environment, Chinese steel mill has grown big, become strong and extremely competitive and has been leading in recycling, green manufacturing, efficient industrial control. However, the matured European market and business model is way ahead of us. The equipment manufacturing and service is a valuable experience for us to study. In the new era of internal trade, HBIS has the wish to work with our European counterparts and learn the advanced experiences and business models. We are willing to provide a comprehensive service platform to the win-win cooperation between Chinese and European enterprises.

Mr.Long Yongtu highly praised the international development of HBIS in his speech. He said, in the globalization of economy, China and European countries are getting closer and more important. Extraordinary progress has been made. HBIS and Duferco cooperation is a showpiece of China & European cooperation. He wishes to see more joint ventures that could deepen the China & European cooperation and push the global economy forward.

In thesession, Long Yongtu,Jean-Pierre Raffarin, Jochum HAAKMA,Wu Lebin, Jeremy BROWNE also discussed that strategic action towards new world trade order, and future projects in Belt & Road Initiative.

The 9th ICC discuss this years discusses the China & European trade, Belt & Road cooperation, capital flow and AI to give support the development of between China and Europe.