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HBIS Employees Winning All Champions & Second Places of SteelChallenge-13 Regional Championship

December 6, World Steel Association(WSA) announces SteelChallenge-13 WorldChampionship Finalists. HBIS participants from Tangsteel, Jin Sanfeng, Han Yijie won the China Professional group Champion and second place. Mr. Han Yijie is one the best players in four competition regions, together with Mr. Jin Sanfeng, they will attend the final competition on behalf of China on April 16, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. For three year, HBIS employees have been continuously attending the final competitions for China.

This year, SteelChallenge has student groups and professional groups to start the online competition in four regional across the globe at 20:00pm November 28. This year, the competition attracted 1905 competitors from 50 countries and regions, representing a 26% hike. SteelChallenge-13 utilised steeluniversity’s basic oxygen steelmaking and secondary steelmaking in a combined simulation. Competitors were tasked to produce a grade of steel meeting technical requirements at the lowest cost per tonne within 24 hours. The simulation used a grade of steel specifically designed for steelChallenge-13.  The lowest point of a player in the competition will be counted in the regional list. HBIS sent 80 player from its subsidiaries to attend this year’s event.