Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Winning The Top A+ Rating Again

December 10, China Metallurgical Planning Institute (MPI) held the “2019 China And Global Steel Demand Forecast and Steel Mill Competition Rating Conference” in Beijing. The capability of HBIS is highly recognized by institutions and communities. Within 108 competitors in steel industry, HBIS once again, wins the highest A+ rating.

As one of the largest steel producers and comprehensive service providers, HBIS has taken the major opportunity of the national supply side reform. Focusing on market and products, HBIS has been pursing a client reform oriented product upgrade and comprehensively improving the products and competitiveness. HBIS is now the largest domestic producer of household electric application steel, 2nd largest domestic automobile steel supplier. It is also the leading nuclear power steel, ocean engineering, and bridge steel supplier of the country. The integral profit level of the group is making a historic record. Besides the previous economic contribution the company has been making to the country, HBIS is now dedicated to take more responsibilities in social responsibilities, steel demands in key national projects and national strategies.   

HBIS is actively participating the national Belt & Road Initiative and strengthen its globalized efforts. HBIS is the renowned the most internationalized steel manufacturer of the country and a leading Chinese steel mill operating in other countries. Its internationalized development and brands have been highly praised CCP Chairman Xi Jinping, Prime Minister Li Kexing and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. Hebei Publicity Department honored the HBIS Serbian Team the title of “Yanzhao Model & New General Of the Era”. HBIS is determined to go global and build a full industrial chain, implementing a reform strategy of going deep and wide, strengthening its position in steel material, industrial service and the merger of its overseas business and industrial finance. With is high efficiency, the group is striving to become one of the most competitive steel mills in the world. In 2018, HBIS once again enters the List of The top 50 Chinese Globalized Enterprises, and the List of Ten Pioneering Enterprises In Belt & Road Initiative, two years a row, the only Chinese steel mill entering these two lists. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong becomes the chairman of China Iron & Steel Association and a new director of World Steel Association.

The competitiveness of an enterprise directly represents its integral production capability and servicing capabilities. The valuation criteria of 2018 Comprehensive Competitiveness of a steel enterprise adopts 3 sections, 14 elements and 23 specifications, which is a standardized framework. The 3 sections are basic competitiveness, which is the fundamental material capabilities, the production material, tool, such as technological equipment, scale and resource supply and the level of intelligent operation. The second section is development competitiveness, mainly valuates the development standard of HR, technological innovation, energy & environmental protection, service and logistical efficiency and diversity and internationalization. The 3rd section is profit making competitiveness, valuating the financial capabilities of the enterprise, including gross profit, profit rate, debt, and quick ratio.