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HBIS & CR Beijing Group Signing Framework Agreement of A Green Logistic System

December 26, HBIS and China Railway Beijing Group Co.Ltd (CR Beijing)signed a framework agreement to jointly build a green logistic system to protect the blue sky and green waters of the capital city. The parties will play the role in manufacturing and logistics and launch a brand new Green+ Internet logistic model to fully implement the ecological civilization ideology of Chairman Xi Jinping and take the political responsibility in the battle of protecting the blue sky. It is also about to implement the country’s Road convert to Railway policy and push the Jing-Jin-Ji coordinated development forward. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman, CR Beijing CCP and Chairman Zhao Chunlei attended the event and make their speeches. 

In Yu Yong’s speech, he said the logistic volume of HBIS was huge and the development of green logistic and its optimization was exactly what it needed in its strategy. HBIS and CR Beijing share the same concept of green development. Our cooperation today will inject new energy and explore more opportunities, while push the coordinated development of Jing-Jin-Ji and lead the battle of protecting the blue sky and build a beautiful capital city with blue sky and clear waters. With our efforts, we will open a new chapter of successful cooperation between a railway company and an enterprise. 

Zhao Chunlei said the agreement today would build an intelligent logistic platform Skynet and a combined transport network. A “One bill package and integrated”business model will be adopted to building a commerce platform and a new intelligent business environment to upgrade the two companies. The two partners are jointly promoting a green development, intelligent development, a pioneering, innovative, leading HBIS--CR Beijing solution to build a green logistic system which full implement the nation road to railway policy and achieve a harmonious development of steel, logistics and environment to serve the capital city and Jing-Jin-Ji coordinated development. 

Witnessed by Yu Yong and Zhao Chunlei, HBIS President and CCP Vice Chairman Peng Zhaofeng, CR Beijing President and CCP Vice Chairman Li Ying signed this agreement. As agreed, the parties will build new platforms, new mechanisms to expand their cooperation in steel and logistic business by using the green+Internet model. By utilizing the stockpiling facilities of CR Beijing, the partners will build a “Twin-Core & Multiple-Center”distribution system that serve a tree tier city oriented “Logistic base, distribution center and terminal distribution branch”system. They will build a showpiece green transportation system that delivers to Beijing, which could be copied to other mega cities. With their existing businesses, the partners will explore to deepen their cooperation by merger of intelligent platforms--the CR Beijing Cloud and HBIS Cloud business platform, in logistics, finance, clients and data services. They will jointly develop derivative of railway transportation services, data services. The parties will explore opportunities in Mutual Insurances between the partners and increase the volume of steel products. 

In the ceremony, the two partners launched their initiative of “Leading the green logistics and protect the blue sky and clear water of the capital city”. They will actively implement the national “Road convert to Railway transportation”policy and “Win the battle of Blue sky”. The cooperation of jointly build a showpiece green logistic project will be strengthened. A new modeled system that serves the capital city with Containers outside Beijing, distribution within Beijing and green combined transportation characteristics to Make Beijing a world class super mega city.   

Before the signature, the two parities had discussions over deepening their strategic cooperation.