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HBIS Projects Winning Provincial S&T Awards

January 10, in the HBIS Scientific & Technological Award and Innovation Conference, HBIS projects won Provincial S&T awards including one champion, three awards of 2nd place and 9 awards of 3rd place.

The “100 Ton Converter Producing automobile strap, adopting cold rolling material procedure and innovations”project wins the champion; “High quality Rare gas extraction, refinement technology and equipment development”; “Super low Temperature  pressure containing Technology and Applications”won second place awards,“Coke Oven Reclaiming and Cleaning Technology and Applications”, “High quality  pellet production technology and applications”, “High strengthen & Tenacity Piping Plate technology and applications”,

 “Green Hot Galvanizing procedure development and application”, “Technologies and Applications of Vanadium hot metal Making high quality clean steel”, “Technologies and applications of sufficient Vanadium solution cleaning”, “Development of Non-tempered steel for Low cost plastic mould”win 3rd Awards of S&T Development. “Medium frequency induction vertical furnace for continuous Vanadium Nitride Production”wins 2nd place of S&T Invention Award;“Stable Production Technologies of ULCB Mid-thickness Plates”wins 3rd place of S&T Invention Award.