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HBIS Chairman Instructs Needs To Continue The Structural Optimization To Grow And Make HBIS Duferco The World’s Acknowledged & Welcomed Public Company

December 16, HBIS Duferco board held the meeting in Luxembourg. HBIS CCP & Company Chairman Yu Yong addressed in the meeting that Duferco should follow the strategic plans and the needs for overseas development and continue the structural optimization to obtain a new model for growth, making HBIS Duferco one of world’s most acknowledged and welcomed public company.

Yu Yong listened to the performance presentation by Mathew Morgan of the 2018 FISCO Year Performance Report and 2019 FISCO Year Budget Report. He highly praised the excellent performance of Duferco and accepted the performance of the executive team. 

Yu Yong said, while the world trade the sharply declines, Duferco was making a strong growth with an optimized export structure, promoting high end HBIS products to the globe and opening European markets for other renowned enterprises. HBIS group wishes Duferco could continue this way of growth, which presents the capability of the company.

Yu Yong emphasized that Duferco should look closely at the business environment and pay great attention to follow rules properly, safely and orderly. This is the core issue in the future development of HBIS Duferco to make it a world’s acknowledge and welcomed company. 

Yu Yong said Duferco should use its matured and reliable credit system and take the opportunities of China comprehensively opening policy and foreign financial and  insurance institutions entering Chinese market to secure a further trade surge. 

Yu Yong emphasized the promises of HBIS to support Duferco would not chain and would stand firm to capitalize a globalized Duferco. HBIS will give Duferco plenty of room for development. We have the confidence that an independent Duferco would be stronger.