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HBIS Digital Technology Co.Ltd Incorporated

HBIS Digital Technology Co.Ltd (HSDT)has been formally incorporated, which is a new endeavor dedicated to new strategic industries and modern industrial service businesses of the HBIS after HBIS Supply Chain Management Company, HBIS Industrial Technology Services Company. The new company will implement HBIS digital reform and speedup the a sample of digitized steel industry. It will lead the digital efforts of the group and main business body and enter the new generation information and digital economy. Focusing on industrial internet, intelligent manufacturing, big data and intelligent city projects and provide self-controllable digitized solution packages to clients. 

HSDT will be designated to a digital business and digital intelligent value maker and improve the efficiency of digital industry and share the welfare of the era. The company will dedicated to provide solutions to industrial internet and intelligent manufacturing, intelligent city solutions and physical intelligent bid data development platforms. The company will combine the advantages of digital technologies and industrial technologies. It will face HBIS and other industrial enterprises and develop the industrial internet platform WE Share, which the company fully owns the intellectual property rights and make a fully digital integrate platform, industrial intelligent app, industrial big data applications. Based on the demands of management and applications of the society, economy, civil and safety, the company will use physical internet, big data, cloud calculation to achieve a seamless connection between human to objects and objects to objects and offer people the capabilities real time, precise and optimized control to the resources and improve the decision making abilities in real production and life.

On behalf of the group, HSDT will implement the strategic cooperation with Siemens, Huawei in digitize plant and industrial internet. With the knowledge the group has owned over the years of operation in automation, unmanned crane, industrial robots, wireless identification, HSDT will upgrade the HBIS digital systems and provide informationize, automatic and digitized solutions to improve the efficiency, quality control, and lower the production costs. 

HSDT merges Hebei Wo Information Technology Co.Ltd and HBIS group injects capital to procure the new shares issued by Hebei Wo and rename the entity. Approved by the Hebei SASSAC, the new company will trial the professional management system and will be listed in the new three boards. It is the state high end technology technology, provincial industrial technology R&D center, first enterprises enter the cloud system in Hebei Province. The company owns the intellectual rights of 23 software in physical internet and big data. It passes CMMI3, state software enterprise & Software product certification. It is recognized “An incubation Enterprise” by Peking University Big Data institution. The company also has signed an agreement with Xidian University Software Research Institute to jointly establish a physical internet big data laboratory.