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HBIS Chairman Making Speech Meeting HBIS Duferco Trainees Cherish The Opportunities and The Platform, Work Hard Understand The Knowledge and Work Better For HBIS

January 19, Swiss time, HBIS CCP & Group chairman encouraged HBIS Trainees Duferco in a warm meeting in Duferco and said that  welcoming the lunar new year, he wished the members a happy new year. He emphasized that the trainees should cherish this training opportunity and the platform and should study hard to fully recognize and understand the advanced concepts, experiences of Duferco. The teams should adopt new standards, new knowledge and new insight to re-discover their position ad thoroughly grasp their fields and management to contribute more to the group. 

Yu Yong listened carefully to the trainee presentations and shared their experiences and made his comments in discussion. He is satisfied with the achievements the trainees have made and points out that the trainees become more dedicated, aspired, persistent and focused. HBIS Group is happy with the performances of the members.  

He emphasized that teams should cherish the train opportunity and improve their capabilities. Duferco has lot of advanced experiences and concepts worthy of studying. Every move in the training of a world class platform could be memorable experience. He wishes that people could fully benefit from work and study here everyday. Blend into the company, feel it and study.

He emphasized people in the program should have their projects while studying there and have their results. We will continue to improve the training scheme and deepen the training so that the trainees could fully understand and master the spirits of their positions here. After the training, they could become experts of the group. HBIS will fully support trainees here and provide comfortable environment for them.  

He emphasized that HBIS youth studying abroad should become models of public orders for being confident, elegant and decent. Our country’s Belt & Road Initiative is not only delivering Chinese power, it is also promoting Chinese education and Chinese culture. More and more Chinese youth are showing Chinese confidence, elegance and decency to the world. HBIS is actively promoting the Belt & Road Initiative and HBIS Youth overseas are not not only presenting themselves but also HBIS people and Chinese people. He hopes that HBIS people abroad could behave decently and legally and follow the rules.

Yu Yong had high hopes to the trainees and he said emotionally that trainees were far away from home and taking high pressures from life, culture and different way of life. However, everyone could improve just via this experience and cope with the environment and get matured. In the future, the youth today should take more responsibilities and face more challenges. HBIS has confidence to the teams and expects better performances when they go back home. He hopes the teams could go back with new standards, new knowledge and new insight and contribute more to HBIS innovation.