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HBIS Chairman Meeting WSA Beijing Office Chief Representative Zhong Shaoliang

January 25, World Steel Association new board executive and HBIS Chairman Yu Yong met WSA Beijing Office chief representative, economy, raw material and market development consultant Zhong Shaoliang in Beijing and discussed to deepen the cooperation between WSA and steel mills.

Yu Yong said HBIS had been interacting with WSA very well over the years and WSA had provided great assistance to HBIS playing an important role in  world steel industry. On behalf of WSA, the WSA Beijing Office is directly contacting HBIS and providing an excellent communication platform between the two. HBIS wishes to strengthen its cooperation with the WSA Beijing office and HBIS in return, will offer great assistance. 

Yu Yong said HBIS will take full advantages of WSA to allow the world steel industry and international institutions to have a better understand to Chinese steel industry. WSA is an influential authority in world steel industry. It is attracting more and more Chinese steel mills to join in and interact with their international counterparts and give their positive energy of Chinese steel industry.

Mr.Zhong Hanliang thanked the great support of HBIS towards WSA and its Beijing Office and appreciated the great job of Mr.Yu Yong as the new board director of WSA. He said that WSA Beijing will work hard to attract Chinese steel mills to join in and provide services to its member companies.

Mr.Zhong Shaoliang also introduced the future initiatives of WSA, including promoting successful experiences in efficient energy consumption, recycling economy and zero energy consumption construction.