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HBIS Executives Visited Thyssenkrupp HQ Promoting Cooperation In New Industry

April 10, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong visited Thyssenkrupp headquarter in Essen Germany and met Dr.Donatus Kaufmann, Thyssen Executive Director and Dr.Reinhold Achatz, Thyssen Global Chief Technology Director. In the meeting, the executives introduced the performance and development strategies of their companies and agreed to explore potential opportunities in CO2 Recycling Application, new energy, business chain extension, systematic solutions of high end equipment parts. 

Yu Yong said Chinese steel industry was reforming and upgrading to a more quality and commerce oriented industry from its traditional mass production business model. For years, HBIS has been going international, diversified, digital and extended industrial chain and developing its strategic new industry. Thyssenkrupp is very experienced in its business upgrade and owns core technologies in machinery parts, elevator technology, factory solutions, which are to be studied by HBIS. In the future, the two companies could explore opportunities in technologies, coordinated development and marketing. HBIS wishes to establish a long term communication scheme to strengthen the cooperation.

Dr.Kaufmann said HBIS was a respectable internationalized enterprise and Thyssenkrupp was willing to work with HBIS to extend the steel business chain and find JV opportunities in CO2 recycling, new energy. He wishes the CO2 recycling project could be a successful start. Dr.Reinhold Achatz presented implementation of the CO2 Recycling Project.