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HBIS Executive Meeting Siemens Supervisory Committee Member & Digital Factory CEO Klaus Helmrich

April 12, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong visit Siemens HQ in Munich Germany and met Supervisory Committee Member & Digital Factory CEO Klaus Helmrich and agreed to take the strategic opportunities of high quality development of Chinese economy. By focusing on digitization, the partners should improve their coordination and technology sharing and strengthen their partnership in R&D and their applications. They agree to set a timetable for joint ventures in additional manufacturing, physical internet, AI and recyclable energy. They will jointly implement and see the fruits. They wish to play a leading role in the intelligent development of the traditional Chinese manufacturing industry.

Yu Yong said, with joint efforts of Siemens and HBIS, the additional manufacturing and digital factory project are implementing very well, giving the partners great confidence. HBIS will deepen the R&D and applications with Siemens in additional manufacturing and making HBIS a leading player in Chinese additional manufacturing.

In AI, industrial robots, physical internet, recyclable energy, Yu Yong indicated that the group hoped to enhance their cooperation in industrial physical internet, AI, industrial robots, marginal calculation and industrial 5G to make new breakthrough in technological innovations and their applications. Yu Yong thinks the efficient consumption of scattered recyclable energy a world class project and HBIS is willing to work with Siemens in hydrogen energy application and distributed energy system and find feasible solutions. 

While discussing the future strategic cooperation, Yu Yong said Chinese was fully implementing the supply side reform and accordingly, HBIS is upgrading its structure to material manufacturing and services industry from its original steel manufacturing. HBIS needs the support of new technologies and Siemens type world class strategic partners. He hope the two company could deepen their cooperation in technology and M&A.

Klaus Helmrich said HBIS was a very important partner of HBIS and his company will provide full assistance in new industries, specifically in additional manufacturing, industrial bots, industrial physical internet. Over the years, Siemens is also fasting its pace of reform. With their reform, Siemens and HBIS will be more coordinated and find more room for cooperation.

Klaus Helmrich likes the decision made by HBIS entering additional manufacturing business and thinks that additional manufacturing will bring revolutionary development to traditional industrial design and production. In future, additional manufacture will win tremendous market in global market, especially Chinese market. Siemens will work close with HBIS and make their joint project successful. 

Klaus Helmrich agrees with Yu Yong’s introduction and forecasts in the high quality development of Chinese economy. He says, besides additional manufacturing, the partners also could explore their cooperation in AI, industrial robot, marginal calculation.

Before the meeting, Yu Yong and his delegation visited Siemens Digital Factory Additional Manufacturing Center in Nuremberg and learned the additional manufacturing simulation system and the all the procedures from design to final products.