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HBIS Chairman Instructed HBIS Duferco Management Team: Active Reform and Play A Key Role In The Structural Optimization of The Group

April 17, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong reviewed the performance presentation in HBIS Duferco Headquarter, Switzerland made by Duferco executive management team and emphasized that under the new economic circumstances, Duferco should make an active reform and focus more on the optimization of export structure to support the Dual Structural Optimization of the group. Duferco Chairman Bruno Bolfo attend the meeting.

Mr.Yu listened to the presentation made by Duferco CEO Mathew Morgen and gave a positive comment to the performance of the company and high praised the Duferco solutions to the shifting market. 

Yu Yong said the present geopolitical and international political environment were having some new changes and the uncertainty of steel industry in Europe was rising. The challenges to economic environment and traditional business are on the rise. All world class enterprises are looking for changes to accommodate the changes, including HBIS exploring new businesses, trade and joint ventures. HBIS is now discussing with Siemens, Thyssenkrupp and Chinese Academy of Engineering(CAE) to master the intelligent manufacturing and green energy.

Yu Yong emphasizes that Duferco should fully utilize its brands and credibility from its high end clients and focus more on export optimization. Besides exporting HBIS products, Duferco should win more high quality clients for the group and play a more important role in the reform and client optimization, giving more value to the group. He wishes that Duferco could make an even better profit and trade volume, more importantly, the company could improve its client structure and attract more high quality clients.  

Yu Yong emphasizes that an independent, open and growing HBIS Duferco is more valuable to the group. As usual, the group will offer full support to HBIS Duferco and guarantee its independent operation. HBIS will be open to Duferco solutions to support its growth and will give strong support to the company.