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Spring of Danube: Steel symphony on Belt & Road Made Debut In HBIS


April 28, Spring of Danube: Steel symphony on Belt & Road, a book that depicts the full picture of HBIS implementing Belt & Road Initiative, made its debut in HBIS. The rally was jointly hosted by Hebei CCP Publicity Department, Hebei Writers Association, HBIS and Hebei Publishing & Media Network. Writers Association CCP Wang Feng, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong made their speeches in the rally and Hebei Publishing & Media Network CCP & Company Chairman Cao Zhengping presented the new book.

Hebei CCP Publicity Department Director, Deputy Inspector Wu Zhonghua hosted the ceremony, Writers Association Vice Chairman Li Yanqing introduced the book to readers. HBIS Vice President Liu Jian, Grade A writer of the country, Wang Lixin also attended the rally.

Yu Yong said that a great era offered great stories and a splendid China wrote Splendid Chapters. Under the background of a 40-year-long open & reform of the country, an extraordinary growth of capability of the country, a big leap development of Chinese steel industry, The new book Spring of Danube: Steel symphony on Belt & Road makes its debut.The book is about to understand the Belt & Road Initiative and offers writer’s observations of the history of Chinese manufacturing. It records the HBIS endeavors implementing the Belt & Road Initiative and its quests in its international development and depicts the loyalty and sense of responsibilities.   

Wang Feng introduced the planning of this book and said Hebei Writers Association believed that HBIS and Serbian Semodervo Steel Joint Venture showed that HBIS and its SOE employees had fully taken their responsibilities and the Hebei People and even Chinese People had promoted their images. The Association decides to write this book to introduce the HBIS endeavour and made the first move to contact HBIS. The authors are very familiar with steel industry and experts reviewed the draft, all contributed to a high quality book.  

Song Wenxin said the book was a firm move that Hebei Province implementing Xi Jinping New Era Socialism Ideas with Chinese Characteristics and promoting HBIS Serbia Executive Team performing Belt & Road Initiative project and Hebei writers making new accomplishments. The book records the stories HBIS implement the Belt & Road project and reflects the tremendous achievements the Chinese & Serbian cooperation has made and the progress of Belt & Road Projects. It shows that SOE employees are fulfilling their responsibilities and Chinese people are showing their right images and the peaceful cooperation, open, inclusive heart of Chinese culture. The book tells the stories of HBIS reform and development, HBIS Serbia success experiences, reform and upgrade of Hebei Province, reform and development.