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Letter From CISA CCP Committee To HBIS Serbia Executive Team

Dear HBIS Serbia Executive Team

Right before May day International Holiday, we are very glad to hear the great new that HBIS Serbia Executive team receive the “Model of Our Time”title from CCP Publicity Department and the “Model Of Yanzhao & New People of Era”title from Hebei CCP Publicity Department, which are also honor to you, HBIS group and the whole steel industry that owns a workforce over millions. We’d like to give you our congratulations and festival greetings. 

HBIS is one of iconic steel enterprise in Chinese industry implementing the Belt & Road Initiative and international production cooperation. Taking its responsibility of “On behalf of nation’s Industries and Play a state role” and support the nation’s Belt & Road Initiative, the HBIS Serbia project has been making a great success. Three years since, the team has been keeping Chairman Xi Jinping’s requirements in his inspection on June 19, 2016 in heart. By overcoming the difficulties, understanding the local economy and working hard, HBIS has revived an enterprise from great difficulties and made one of major enterprise of Serbian economy. HBIS has shown the intelligence and capability of people of Chinese steel industry and born the deep friendship between Chinese and Serbian Peoples. You are a distinguished representative of steel industry and raw model of our time.

We hope you could continue to implement Chairman Xi Jinping’s instruction and cherish your honor, don’t forget your heart and remember your mission and promote the spirit of model labor in new era. As a leading steel mill in our Belt & Road Initiative, HBIS should be courageous to explore new path and new endeavor be dedicated to the high quality development of steel industry and international production cooperation.


                                         CCP Committee

                                                        Chinese Iron & Steel Association