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HBIS Chairman Meeting Nina Mihajlović, The Director of Department of International Cooperation, Serbian Ministry of Economy

May 17, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met the director of Department of International Cooperation of Serbian Ministry of Economy, attending the 2019 China Langfang International Trade Fair. They agreed to strengthen the implementation of China & Serbia (Hebei) Industrial Park project. HBIS Vice President Liu Jian attended the meeting. 

Yu Yong welcomed Nina Mihajlović to the event and highly praised the outstanding development of Serbian economy. He said that the urban construction and economic development were having a remarkable growth. HBIS Serbia is the proof. We could tell that HBIS Serbia Employees were amazing people and they would give the steel mill a wonderful future. HBIS Serbia will develop fast and its potential is giving HBIS confidence and expectations. As an important project, closely watched by Both China and Serbia, China & Serbian (Hebei) Industrial Park project is on as planned and its future depends on the support of local authorities and the close cooperation of its partners. HBIS will keep Chairman Xi Jinping’s instructions in heart and firmly implement the decisions of Hebei CCP  & Government. We will do best to operate the project and make our contributions to the Serbian Economy.    

Nina Mihajlović thanked HBIS for its great efforts in Serbia and said China & Serbia were families. HBIS is not only hiring all 5000 employees, but also developing the local economy. Remarkably, from a company of making a continuous loss, HBIS Serbia is the biggest exporter of Serbia now. The performance tells that HBIS teams will push the Industrial Park forward. The parties are negotiating and everyone believes that the cooperation will be better and more fruits will be seen.