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Hebei Vice Governor Li Qian Addressed In Hebei Steel International Forum: Take Advantage of BRESCO and Join In the Belt & Road Initiative

May 18, the 2019 China & Langfang International Trade Fair started and HBIS drew the attention of world. HBIS Duferco, the world’s largest steel trader, became the hot spot of the event. In the morning, Hebei Vice governor Li Qian addressed the session of Hebei Steel Enterprise Forum that steel enterprises and traders should take full advantages of BRESCO to join in Belt & Road Initiative by expanding their international production and trade. Hebei SASAC Deputy Director Li Guang also attended the meeting and HBIS CCP & Group Chairman made his speech.  

Hebei Department of Commerce Deputy Director Zhang Feng hosted the meeting. HBIS Vice President Liu Jian and representatives of Bureau of Commerce from 12 cities including Shi Jiazhuang, Tangshan, Baoding, Handan, and representatives from over 30 enterprises attended the meeting. 

Li Qian said that Hebei was rich in HR, resource, big economy and owned a huge steel industry. Over years, Hebei is now able to go global. Hebei steel mills, particularly HBIS, has been leading the Chinese steel industry in the Belt & Road Initiative. HBIS Duferco, as the world’s largest steel trader, owns a sales and service network covering the globe and its BRESCO project has become the flagship in the Belt & Road initiative, making it an important platform for trading, investing, manufacturing, and servicing of Hebei steel mills. 

Li Qian emphasized that the international production cooperation was an mutually complementary and win-win cooperation. Hebei steel enterprises and import/export traders should take full advantages of BRESCO to actively participate Belt & Road Initiative and expand their international production and trade. It will help to improve the equipment, technology, product and management of the enterprises of the Province and enhance its international capability, upgrade of its steel industry and high quality development. Hebei Provincial Government will fully support the enterprises by providing high quality services and business environment. With the support of steel enterprises and Duferco, Hebei steel mills will definitely play an import role in Belt & Road Projects. 

Yu Yong said that Belt & Road Initiative was providing brand new opportunities to steel industry and the world economy. Since it was launched, BRESCO has got substantial support from Hebei CCP and Government, State Ministries and social communities. It has become an important platform for the steel enterprises of the province and even the country entering the global cooperation. Besides making value for its clients, BRESCO is also providing matured European markets and business models including trade financing, risk control and technology services. 

HBIS Duferco CEO Matthew De Morgan presented HBIS Duferco and its BRESCO to the conference and had discussions with the representatives.