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HBIS & Primetals Jointly Launching Metallurgical Service Co.Ltd


May 28, HBIS held a ceremony to launch the HBIS & Primetals Metallurgical Service Co.Ltd in its headquarter. To deepen their strategic cooperation, HBIS and Primetals decided to launch the joint venture of Metallurgical Service company, whose partners are HBIS Industrial Technology Service Co.Ltd and Primetals Metallurgical Technology (China). The new company will be dedicated to extend HBIS business chain to high end industrial technology services and provide the most valuable technology solutions to metallurgical industry and allow HBIS to enter the high level industrial services market.HBIS CCP & Group Yu Yong, Primetals CSO & Board Director Aashish Gupta delivered their speeches and unveiled the name plaque of the company.

HBIS Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Wang Xindong hosted the meeting and HBIS Vice President Wang Zhumin, Liu Jian, Primetals Senior Vice President & Metallurgical Service President Karl Purkarthofer, Primetals China CFO Stefan Rieberer, and COO Jialuo attended the meeting.

In his speech, Yu Yong said the Joint Venture of Metallurgical Service Company was a milestone and brand new chapter of HBIS and Primetals cooperation. All previous successes of HBIS & Primetals were serious, dedicated explorations. Metallurgical Service Company this day is entering a new arena of sustainable development under extreme market circumstances of metallurgical industry. The partners will take full advantages of HBIS and Primetals technologies to explore market opportunities of online equipment operation services and make it a showpiece project in improving the efficiency of equipment operation. The project is launched by HBIS, but will not be limited in HBIS. We’d like to see the applications of this service in Chinese metallurgical industry.    

Aashish Gupta said that since the two groups started their Full Life Cycle Partnership, the partners had made many successful cases. We are here to witness an incorporation of new Joint Venture, which is a milestone of the Full Life Cycle Partnership, presenting their trust and confidence. The partners do believe that the new company will beat its challenges and make successes. There is a word in Chinese that Companionship is the true love. The new joint venture is just showing that Primetals is always accompanying HBIS.

HBIS Industrial Services holds 60% and Primetals China holds  the remaining 40% share of the joint venture. With the advanced management and technology experiences, the joint venture will provide globally advanced technological services and client oriented facility solution packages and Primetals technology applications. The company will provide online services and training programs. The company is about to use the Primetals global procurement chain to lower their supply costs and improve the service life of equipment parts, lowering the client maintenance costs. Thus, the company will be able to provide the highest quality of comprehensive technology, quality, service and performance/price ratio services to its clients.