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HBIS Low Emission Control Technology Making The World’s Leading Level

May 19, the “Low Emission Control Technology in multiple Procedures of Steel Industry ”was approved by the review board in Beijing. The experts commented the technology, solely developed by HBIS made to the world’s leading level.

The technology is dedicated to reduce the emission of steel industry, including the different pollutants in multiple procedures of the industry. It creates new technology solutions to newly built and retrofit projects to help the whole steel industry to reduce its overall emission.

The project will minimize the emission of conventional and unconventional pollutant: with the 80% pellet & lump ratio, the per ton Fe SO2, NOx emission reduction reach 50% and 30%; the sinter/lump, coke oven and convert gas particles, SO2, NOx and Dioxin emission are lower than ultra low standards.

This technology has already been applied in more than 100 equipment in HBIS and other major domestic steel mills, making very good environmental economical and social impact. It is a very good technology that could efficiently reduce the emission and improve the green development of steel industry.