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HBIS Chairman Meeting Chinese Ambassador To Serbia Chen Bo


July 3rd, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met Chinese Ambassador to Serbia. HBIS Vice President Liu Jian attended the meeting.

Mr.Yu Yong thanked Mr.Chen Bo for his support to HBIS Serbian projects since he served as Chinese Ambassador to Serbia. He also introduced the international development of the group and the performance of HBIS Serbia.He said that HBIS Serbia was not only a commercial project, but also a project representing HBIS, a large scale Chinese SOE, representing China. We will to make it well. Implementing this project, HBIS has allocated its best resources, from this supply chain, to a globalized client network, making HBIS Serbia a steel mill touching the whole European markets and even the  markets in North America. 

Yu Yong said HBIS Serbia Project was a great case of the implementation of the great Belt & Road Initiative and drew attention of Chairman Xi Jinping. The Chinese Embassy and Ministries have given us strong supports great honor to us. HBIS Serbian Executive Team has received the honor of Model of Era, from the CCP Publicity Department, injecting spiritual energy to HBIS group. HBIS fully understands the importance of the project and will never disappoint Chairman Xi Jinping and the Chinese Embassy and the Ministries. In the future, besides reviving the enterprise, we will it even better. We hope that Chinese Embassy could continue to support us as ever. 

Ambassador Chen Bo welcomed the visiting HBIS team and congratulated the achievements of HBIS Serbia. She said HBIS had been playing a leading role implementing the Belt & Road Initiative and China & Serbia had been able to promoting their political and economic cooperation.In Chinese and Mid/east European country cooperation and the Chinese & European cooperation, the HBIS deal is an innovative one. In the Belt & Road Initiative, HBIS Serbia is THE iconic and pillar one to both China and Serbia. The implementation is successful in economy, social welfare and politics. It is already a great case of international production cooperation and successful story in Belt & Road Initiative Implementation. HBIS Serbia is offering an example to other Chinese enterprises entering Serbian market.The Chinese Embassy will continue give full supports to HBIS and its projects in the country.  

In the meeting, the parties further discussed the implementation of China & Serbia Friendship(Hebei) Industrial Park Project.