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HBIS Chairman Meeting Smederevo Mayor Jasna Avramovic

July 5, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met Mayor of Semederevo, Serbia Jasna Avramovic. HBIS Vice President Liu Jian attended the meeting. 

Yu Yong highly praised the accomplishment of Semederevo and thanked the great support of Ms.Jasna Avramovic to HBIS Serbia. Yu Yong said the great changes of HBIS Serbia was due to the supports of leaders of the two countries, Chairman Xi Jinping and President Aleksandar Vučić and the traditional friendship between China and Serbia, and support of ministries, and the hard work of more than 5000 employees. Semederevo owns the great history of industry and business environment. HBIS is very competitive in the world and will give full support to HBIS Serbia. We are confident to not only revive the company, but also to give a bright future make it a highly competitive steel enterprise in Europe. We wish the parities could continue to support this enterprise. 

Mayor Jasna Avramovic welcomed Yu Yong and his delegation and thanked the contributions HBIS Serbia had made to Semederevo and even Serbian economy. She said, as the biggest exporter of Serbia, HBIS Serbia was enhancing Semederevo economy and the whole Serbian economy. We would like to thank Chairman Xi Jinping and President Vučić who give us this opportunity. The great development of the mill is showing the tremendous power of Serbian and Chinese friendship. China owns many many advanced technologies. With the help of HBIS, the steel mill get better and better each year. With the advanced HBIS experiences, new procedures, new technologies, the steel mill will become a very competitive enterprise in Europe.