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NDRC Devputy Director Ning Jizhe Visited HBIS Serbia

July 6, NDRC Deputy Director Ning Jizhe visited HBIS Serbia and praised the accomplishment of HBIS international development. He emphasized HBIS should promote the Model of Era spirit and enhance the growth implementing the Belt & Road Initiative and play an more important role in China & Serbia International Production Cooperation and even in China & Europe cooperation. Chinese ambassador to Serbia Chen Bo accompanied Mr.Ning and HBIS CCP & Group Chairman presented the performances of HBIS and its Serbian company.

NDRC Foreign Capital Department Inspector Wang Jianjun, NDRC International Department Inspector Li Bin, NDRC Administration Department Director, Hua Zhong, NDRC International Department Division Director Han Baojun, NDRC International Department Division Director Wan Qian, Chinese Embassy Commercial Counsellor to Serbia Tang Xiaodong, HBIS Vice President Liu Jian also joined the meeting.

Ning Jizhe’s first stop was HBIS Serbia Hot rolling mill and visited the people on the line.

After the site visit, Ning Jizhe had a discussion meeting and listened the presentation of the performances of the mill. He highly praised the accomplishment of HBIS international development and congratulated the executive team of receiving the Model Of Era honorable title. He said the the title showed not only a successful business deal, but also the valuable spirits of steel people in the new era and their belief and responsibility. Honor is the compliment of the past, it as should be the force pushing the enterprise forward.  

Ning Jizhe emphasized HBIS should enhance the high quality development implementing Belt & Road Initiative and play a bigger role in China & Serbia International Cooperation and even in China & Europe Cooperation. In the 2nd Belt & Road International Cooperation Summit, Chairman Xi Jinping illustrated that the high quality cooperation was the main line, and gave us a clear direction of international production cooperation. Intelligent, green development is the new trend of industries of the world and goal of new reform and upgrade of Chinese enterprises. Benefiting the national guidance and domestic market, HBIS subsidiaries are leading the intelligent and green development. Already, HBIS Serbia has become the showpiece project of Belt & Road International production cooperation carrying out intelligent and green upgrade projects. HBIS should combine the intelligent equipment, green procedures, technologies, western country’s the advanced enterprise management and technologies to further improve its competitiveness.  

He emphasized the company should further explore the pan European market and international market and go global. With the development of Chinese steel industry, steel enterprises will definitely go global. HBIS should take full advantages of Duferco global sales network and improve products and clients. Besides open Serbian market, the company should open more European market and enhance its global competitiveness.