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HBIS, China Mobile, Huawei Signing “5G+ Intelligent Manufacturing” Strategic Cooperation Agreement


July 18, HBIS, China Mobile and Huawei signed a “5G+ Intelligent Manufacturing”Steel Industry Iconic Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Shijiazhuang. Facilitating HBIS applications, the three partners will joint establish R&D organizations to carry out 5G, AI, big data and cloud calculation technology studies and build industrial internet platforms to implement “5G+ Intelligent Industrial Park, 5G+Intelligent Industrial Port and 5G+Intelligent Industrial Manufacturing”technologies. The partners will push high quality internet, intelligent and digital development of steel industry forward. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, China Mobile Vice President, CCP Committee Member Li Zhengmao, Huawei China Vice President Qiang Hua witnessed the signature of the agreement. 

Hosted the HBIS Vice President Chi Guiyou, HBIS Strategy Supervisor, HBIS Digital Technology Co.Ltd Chairman Li Yiren, China Mobile Hebei Vice President Liu Kefei, Huawei Hebei President Liu Yong signed the agreement.

In Yu Yong’s speech, he said steel industry was enjoying the latest and most active factors of technologies, including information technologies and business innovations and the competitiveness is no longer limited by steel industry. 5G technology is amplifying the effects of supply side reform and high quality development and will further reform of traditional steel business model, production organization and client/market model. In an age of internet entering industry, HBIS must be leading this process.  

China Mobile Hebei President Liu Dianfeng said together with HBIS and Huawei, the partners were launching a new endeavor in  5+ Manufacturing. The parties will be mobilized to used big data, IoT, AI technologies to explore 5G+ Intelligent Manufacturing applications and make success cases to assist the digitization upgrade of steel industry in an industrial internet age. 

Huawei Enterprise Business China Vice President said HBIS had been leading the digitization reform and Huawei was dedicated to promote the development and prosperity of 5G industry. Huawei will explore 5G Intelligent Manufacturing solutions for HBIS and help steel industry to digitization, internet and intelligent upgrade and assist HBIS to become one of world’s most influential multinational enterprises. 

June 6, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the first 5G Licence and started the commercial applications in the country. New information technologies, including 5G, AI, big data, cloud calculation are generating new technologies and industrial revolution.   

China is implementing supply side structural reform to improve its development to high quality & high profitability growth from the old mass production style, which is giving room for manufacturing industrial innovation.

HBIS is one of world’s largest steel manufacturers and it has been closely holding the new technology revolution and reform. The company is implementing its digital technology strategies to upgrade its traditional steel industry. Back in December 2016,selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, HBIS Tangsteel high strength automobile strip mill became the only “Trail and Showpiece Intelligent Steel mill”of Chinese steel industry. In December 2018, HBIS and Huawei agreed to deepen their cooperation in building the “Industrial Internet Platform” and started to adopt Huawei ICT technologies to assist technology innovation and applications in steel industry. Fundamental studies are being done. In June, HBIS signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Siements to jointly build a laboratory and HBIS & Siemens IoT center. To lead the high quality development of steel industry, HBIS more urgent than any other time, needs digital technologies, information technology and telecommunication technologies.  

China Mobile, the world’s largest telecommunication giant that owns the biggest number of costumers and brands, is leading the development of communication industry by fully implementing the “5G+ Project”. By coordinating the development of 5G+4G,5G+AICDE Innovation5G+Ecology5G+X Extension, to make 5G an information artery, accelerator of industrial upgrade and basement of digital society.  

Huawei the world’s leading ICT manufacturer and has been dedicated in building the IoT intelligent world. At the entrance of Intelligent Age, Huawei is making a connection of everywhere+ digital platform + almighty intelligent digital world and help its clients to upgrade to a digital world. 

The three-party cooperation is about the actual application of 5G based industrial internet in steel industry. According to the agreement, the parties will mobilize their technologies and resources to establish a 5G+ Intelligent Laboratory to serve the HBIS production applications. They will study to adopt 5G ICT, cloud calculation, AI and Procedural innovation to build a widely connected, open and intelligent industrial internet platform. In the end, they will build a 5G intelligent manufacturing showpiece project and make it repeatable and could be amplified to the whole industry to make more values for the third parities.