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HBIS Chairman Meeting Batangas Governor Herminlando Ingco Mandanas Of Philippines

July 19, HBIS CCP & Group chairman Yu Yong met Batangas Governor Herminlando Ingco Mandanas of the Philippines in HBIS headquarter and agreed to strengthen their cooperation. HBIS Vice President Wang Xindong, Asia Steel Chairman & CEO Benjamin Omlas Yao attended the meeting.

Yu Yong said the Philippine economy had entered the fast track for years and the changes were impressive. The country owns excellent position, investment environment and big room for growth. HBIS has very good experiences of overseas investment and enterprise management and owns world’s leading green and environmental friendly steel making technologies. HBIS is willing to join in the economic development of Philippines to upgrade its steel industry. We believe our meeting today could push our cooperation forward.

Herminlando Ingco Mandanas said HBIS was one of the best steel mills in the world and its development over the years was amazing. The Philippines fully support the Chinese Belt & Road Initiative and are open to work with influential enterprises of the world, particularly with HBIS. The country is willing to share the success of HBIS in the globe.