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HBIS & CCS Launching Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation


July 18, HBIS and China Classification Society(CCS) signed their Comprehensive Strategic Cooperation in HBIS Headquarter to expand their cooperation to a brand new level, including Product Certification, R&D Joint Venture, and logistics. HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong, CCS President and CCP Vice Chairman Mo Jianhui attended the event and witnessed the signature. 

HBIS Vice President Liu Jian hosted the ceremony. On behalf of two parties, HBIS Vice President Wang Yaobin, CCS Vice President and CCP Committee Standing Member Fan Qiang signed the agreement.

In Yu Yong’s speech, he said HBIS and CCS were always close partners and both had made great contributions to the ship building industry of the country. CSS has provided comprehensive services to HBIS and helped HBIS products to enter the world market. CCS is an important and trustworthy strategic partner of HBIS. The agreement will be a new stating point for us to combine our advantages to coordinate our innovations. The cooperation will be mutually beneficial and allow us to enhance the high quality development of Chinese steel industry.

Mo Jianhui said, over the years, CCS and HBIS had built friendship and close cooperation. With this agreement, the partners will enhance the reform and high quality development of Chinese steel industry. We will focus on front line development, new product, market promotion, shipping services and information services. The parties will build a coordinated innovation and long term mechanism to push the win-win cooperation forward.

With the principle of “Mutually complementary, Open & Coordinated, Mutually Beneficial and Win-Win ”Cooperation, the partners will establish long term cooperation in product certification, R&D Joint Venture, logistics and Ship Classification, information service and market promotion.

In the event, CCS promoted HBIS High Mn products and issued LNG Low Temperature Austenite High Mn Steel Certificate.

The new product has an excellent tenacity while keeping a low cost. It is a very good substitute for the traditional low temperature 9Ni LNG tank steel. The successful development and production of the new steel brings new elements to low temperature LNG ship and tank building industry of the country and promotes High Mn steel applications in LNG industrial chain.