Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

11 Years A Row, HBIS One of World Top 500 Enterprises

July 22, released the 2019 Fortune World Top 500 enterprises and, with its 5,0921 Million US dollars revenue, HBIS ranked No.214, 25 higher than the year 2018 and 11 years a row in the list.  

In 2018, HBIS was guided by Xi Jinping’s Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Age and the spirits of the 19th CCP Congress and firmly grasped the supply side reform and opportunities of Belt & Road Initiative. The group owns steadfast belief and confidence in path to accomplish a high quality development and make a record high revenue, while keeping its highly competitive A+ grading. From the original economic value to the society, HBIS is contributing more in social responsibility, key fields of the country’s economy and key national strategies. 

Focusing on market and products, HBIS is upgrading its client structure and products to comprehensively improve its competitiveness. In order to improve its client structure, HBIS approaches high end markets and clients and becomes the country’s largest domestic household electric appliance steel material supplier and the 2nd largest domestic automobile steel supplier in the country, providing high quality materials to nuclear industry, ocean engineering, construction and bridge building industry. HBIS is building partnership with top research institutions and enterprises including Chinese Academy of Sciences, University of Science & Technology, Beijing and Siemens.  Together with its partners, HBIS is building a R&D and application platform in globe. With higher innovation capabilities, HBIS is entering new industries by incorporating HBIS Finance, HBIS industries to build a new digital, additional manufacturing and intelligent factory industry. From a follower’s position, HBIS is becoming a leader in new industry. By implementing Belt & Road Initiative projects, HBIS is growing in the globe and strengthening advantages in its  internationalization efforts, becoming the most internationalized steel manufacturer in China. HBIS is making its Serbian project an iconic project in China & Mid/Eastern European Country cooperation and Belt & Road Initiative. CCP and the country’s leaders have highly praised the HBIS accomplishments. HBIS Serbia Executive Management Team has received the honorable “Model of Era”title issued by the CCP Publicity Department. In 2018, HBIS won the title of “Top 50 Most Internationalized Chinese Enterprise”, “Top 10 Pioneering Enterprises In Belt & Road Initiative”and two years a row, the only steel mill entering these two important lists in the country. 

Looking at future, HBIS will follow the requirement of 19th CCP Congress of cultivating a world’s first class competitive enterprise and bravely implement Xi Jinping’s Thought of Socialism with Chinese characteristics in New Age. The company will speed up its efforts of upgrade of steel industry and enter the strategic steel industry and global development. In its main steel business, HBIS will be focusing on the front line of new fields, additional manufacturing and new energy. In 3 to 5 years, the company will find its path to modern industrial service industry and enter a highly merged industry. From manufacturing to servicing to build the most valuable industrial service platform to make it a follower to leader in the new industries. HBIS will focus on its “1234”overseas scheme-- one industrial park, two functioning groups, three core business sectors and four service platforms. In 2025, its overseas revenue will exceed 25% of the total revenue of the group, leading the international endeavors of Chinese steel industry.

The Fortune Top 500 enterprises of the world is the most famous and authority of valuating large enterprise across the globe. The list is released once a year by the magazine. In the 2019 world’s top 500 list, there are 129 Chinese enterprises. For the first time ever that there are more Chinese companies than US companies, 121 enterprises in the list.