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HBIS Chairman Meeting VALE CEO Eduardo Bartolomeo

August 12, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong meting VALE CEO Eduardo Bartolomeo in HBIS headquarter and agreed to deepen their cooperation. HBIS Vice President Liu Jian, VALE Black Metal & Coal Business CEO Marcello Spinelli also attended the meeting.

Yu Yong said HBIS and VALE had been working together very well. From the old style trading, the coopeartion has been upgraded to a coordinated one. As always, HBIS will pay great attention to the development of VALE and deepen their cooperation along the industrial chain. He wishes that VALE could meet the demand of high quality development of Chinese Steel industry and push our cooperation forward with new products and new businesses. 

Mr.Eduardo Bartolomeo said, HBIS an internationalized enterprise, had made impressive achievement over the years, especially its green technologies. HBIS has been one of the most valuable and long term partners of VALE. Besides high quality products, VALE will explore more opportunities in all fields to make it a win-win coopeartion.