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HBIS Chairman Making Speech In Seminar Of Steel Community Celebrating The 70th Anniversary Foundation of P.R.China


September 7, hosted by Chinese Iron & Steel Association(CISA), co-organized by HBIS, China Baowu Iron & Steel Group, An Steel, Capital Steel, Taiyuan Steel, Sha Steel and undertook by China Metallurgical News, the Chinese  steel community celebrating the 70th anniversary fundation of People’s Republic of China Seminar was held in Beijing. The Chairman Elected of World Steel Association, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong made his speech in the seminar and said in the 70-year-long great endeavor of new China standing up, getting rich and strong, Chinsese steel industry has made the most brilliant and spetacular miracle progress in history of world steel industry, becoming the backbone of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation. In future, the Chinese steel industry will lead the development of World steel industry and upgrade to Green, Material, Intelligent and Globalized development, making a better future for all people of the world.

The member 16th and 17th  Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, former Beijing CCP Chairman, former Minister of Metallurgical Industry Liu Qi; Deputy Secretary General of 12th Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, CCP Chairman, Deputy minister of Metallurgical Industry, former Director of Metallurgical Bureau Wang Wanbin; CCP United Front Department Vice Minister, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce CCP Chairman & Standing Vice Chairman Xu Lejiang; Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, former Deputy Minister of Metallurgical Industry Yin Ruiyu; Former Deputy Minister of Metallurgical Industry, former Chairman of Chinese Iron and Steel Association Wu Xichun; Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, former Deputy Minister of Metallurgical Industry Weng Yuqing; China Chamber of Commerce for Metallurgical Enterprises Honorable Chairman, fomer Metallurgical Bureau Deputy Director Zhao Xizi; CHALCO CCP & Group Chairman Ge Honglin; China First Heavey Industry CCP & Group Chairman Liu Mingzhong; Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Department of Raw Material former inspector Lv Guixin; SASAC Association CCP Bureau Director Zhang Tao, Metallurgical Industry Service Bureau  Director, CCP chairman Zhao Shengbao, Pubulicity Bureau Deputy Director Liu Fuguang, former executives of Chinese Iron & Steel Association, and executives major steel enterprises and media reports, more 200 people joined in the event.   

Chinese Iron and Steel Association CCP Chairman He Wenbo hosted the seminar and CISA Director, Tai Steel CCP & Group Chairman Gao Xiangming delivered a speech. Vice Chairman of the 10th CPPCC National Committee, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Xu Kuangdi made his speech by video, Yin Ruiyu, Wu Xichun made their speeches, Ge Honglin, Liu Mingzhong, Wang Wanbin made their speeches and comments. An Steel CCP & Group Chairman Yao Lin, Jiangsu Sha Steel CCP & Group Chairman Shen Bin, Baowu Steel CCP Vice Chairman & President Hu Wangming made his speech.  

With the title of New Era, New Steel and New March, the seminar is dedicated to celebrate the 70s anniversary of the foundation of Chinese nation, and, guided by Xi Jinping's Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Age and study the 70-year-long development history of Chinese steel industry. Particularly, after 18th CPC National Congress the new accomplishment under the new concepts of Innovation, Coordination, Green, Open and Sharing. Besides, the seminar looks at the plan of future high quality development. The people of steel industry will continue to contribute to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.   

Yu Yong recalled the development of world steel industry, analyzed the status of Chinese steel industry and said that center of the world’s steel industry was shifting to China by entering a Chinese Era and this process would be long. Chinese steel industry has been a major power house pushing the development of Chinese and even world economy. The difficulty and pressure the Chinese face is what developed steel industries have already experienced. To keep growing, the Chinese must learn from the development of steel industry of adnvaced countries and objectively pursue a upgraded development, especially deepen the supply side structural reform and enter the high value added chain of world industry.

Looking at the future of Chinese steel industry, Yu Yong said Chinese should adopt the green development concept. The industry has gained plenty of experiences in the green development, owned a its own technologies. With resolves, we will make it. 

Yu Yong said Chinese steel industry should work more on upgrading to material and technology services. Besides extending the industrial chain, the steel enterprises of advanced economies are entering the next procedures and making semi products of downstream. By offering dedicated technologies in downstream procedures, steel enterprises are changing their products to their bearers of those technologies.

Yu Yong said, Chinese Steel industry should invest in the applications of industrial internet and 5G technology. To use largest scale equipment and production lines and satisfy diversified and designated clients demands, 5G technology is essential. It is the best tool for us connecting the continous production and dedicated/designated production.   

Yu Yong said Chinese steel industry should be coordinated to strengthen the globalized steel industry development. A globalized economy is the direction of global steel industry. From the prospective of resource allocation and market proximity, a coordinated development in the country and abroad is the future.

Finally, Yu Yong addressed that in the 70 years, Chinese steel industry had made a tortuous and splendid accomplishment. With eye catching achievements, the steel industry makes its outstanding contribution to the Chinese economy. New Era, New Steel and New March, firmly guided by the  Xi Jinping's Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, Four Concepts, Four Confidences and two Safeguarding, with Unity and Endeavour and innovation, the Chinese steel industry will make its  Two Centenary Goals. In the historic progess of Great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Steel Backbone should make its own contributions! Chinese Steel industry will have a brighter future.

In the seminar, the Model of Era, member of HBIS Serbia Executive Management team and HBIS Serbia Executive Director Song Sihai presented the performance of his company and shared the experiences of HBIS Serbia.

In the meeting, the delegates watched the vido of Chinese Steel--Making A Better World, which was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the fundation of People’s Republic of China. 15 steel enterprises, including HBIS, signed and published the Declearation of Green Development of Chinese Steel Industry, as a starting point of Chinese steel industry implementing the green development concept in the new age.