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HBIS Chairman Meeting Premetals Director & Chief Sales Officer Aashish Gupta

September 16, HBIS CCP and Group Chairman Yu Yong met Premetals Global Director and Chief Sales Officer Aashish Gupta in HBIS headquarter and discussed the future operation of HBIS & Premetals Metallurgical Technology Service Company and the development of world steel industry. HBIS Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Wang Xindong, Premetals Vice President and Metallurgical Technology Service Business Manager Karl Purkarthofer were also in meeting.

Yu Yong said HBIS and Premetals both had attached great importance to the joint venture and had high expecations. The joint venture is a high tec technological service firm instead of a maintainence company. It will be dedicated to the improvement of operation, equipment upgrade and innovation of the industry. The shear size of Chinese steel industry offers great potential. Besides existing equipment, the maintainence and upgrade will give market for the JV. HBIS wishes that the JV could provide more new technologies to steel enterprises and improve the development of Chinese steel industry. HBIS and Premetals together, will find new joint ventures.

Mr.Gupta said Premetals was watching the new joint venture closely and would offer maximum assistance the joint venture needed to provide best services to clients. While providing equipment mainainence, the company will provide new technologies that allow steel enterprises to manufacture high end products with even high efficiency and high profits. As ever, Premetals will continue to support HBIS and strengthen their comprehensive strategic cooperation partnership.