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HBIS High End Pressure Bearing Steel Entering The World’s Roof

HBIS has made its first delivery of 124tons of hydropower pressure bearing steel to Brahmaputra River Hydropower Development Investment Co. Ltd, Tibet. This is the first time that HBIS pressure bearing steel entering Tibet, the Roof of the World.

Previously, HBIS has been delivering steel strips and plates to Sichuan Tibetan and Qinghai Tibetan regions. Under this contract, all the materials will be delivered to Dagu Hydropower Project in Sangri County, Nanri, Tibet. Dagu Hydropower plant is a key power project in the National 12th Five-Year-Plan to support the development of Tibetan economy. It will improve the infrastructure of the Tibet and relieve the power shortages of the region to support the long term development and social stability.