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Beijing Daxing International Airport Used Over 200,000tons of HBIS Products

September 25, morning, Chairman Xi Jinping announced that Beijing Daxing International Airport was fully operational in the debut ceremony.The airport looks like a phoenix opening its wings and HBIS delivered more than 200,000tons of high strength steel to the terminal, comprehensively involved in this project. HBIS once again, becomes the backbone of the country.

The flying Phoenix is the largest transport hub the country has ever built and has been ranked of The world’s New Seven Miracles by the British Guardian, together with the newly completed Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge.

HBIS is the exclusive supplier of the highest standard steel plates for high rise buildings of the airport. 50,000tons of HBIS plates were used to build the C Pillars that support the weight center of the terminal and weight bearing sections of the roof.

The highest section of the departing floor connecting express bridges is seven floors high and requires a very high yeliding strength and surface quality steel plates. More than 10,000tons of HBIS bridge plates with different thickness and width fully satisfied all requirements.

To meet tremendous throughput, Daxing Interntional Airport has built the country’s largest and most advanced refuelling facilities, piping system alone, reaches 50Km. The yeilding strengthen, tenacity, surface quality of HBIS piping steel fully support the strict design requirements.

The terminal and its auxiliary facilities that could stand the impact of a category 12 typhoon applied 150,000tons of HBIS high strength wires.

The construction schedule is tight and the delivery term of contractors is very short, particularly the demand to large scale wires at the beginning phase of the project was huge. HBIS optimized its production schedule to meet client demands.The record was the company delivered 1000tons of high strengthen wires in only 48hours, from the order to delivery to the construction site, without any delay due to supplier delivery.