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World Steel Association Welcomes New Chairman From HBIS




October 15, the Board of Directors of the World Steel Association (worldsteel) elected the new officers for 2019/2020 at the worldsteel General Assembly in Monterrey and Mr.Yu Yong, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman became the 41st  worldsteel Chairman, JSW Chairman & Managing Director Sajjan Jindal, Gerdau Executive Vice Chairman Andre Johannpeter, Brazil, became new worldsteel Vice Chairman. The Board of Directors also welcomed new steel producers as regular worldsteel members.     

Taking his office, Yu Yong said that steel was the widely applied and recycled metal material in the world. It is the fundamental material of industrialization and has made undeniable contribution to human civilization. In digital age, steel industry is absorbing the world’s leading technologies and innovation factors. Green, Material, Intelligent and Globalization, are the future of steel industry. As the new Chairman of worldsteel, Yu Yong will be dedicated to the sustainable development of world steel industry and enhance the communication and cooperation, strengthen innovation and provide environmentally friendly and intelligent steel material to give momentum to the innovation of the industry.

Worldsteel was founded in 1967 and its headquarter was in Brussles, Belgium. It is now the world’s largest and one of the most active industrial associations, with its member companies in all major steel producing countries, covering all major steel manufacturers, state and regional steel associations and steel R&D institutions. The crude steel production of its member companies accounts 85% of the world’s total crude steel output. In 2014, HBIS became a member company and owned a position in the board. In October 10, 2018, Yu Yong was elected the new (2018-2021) worldsteel Chairman in the 2018 Worldsteel Assembly held in Tokyo, Japan.

Since the foundation of the People’s Republic and particularly the reform and open up policy, Chinese steel industry has been experiencing a continous growth, from tiny to big, from big to powerful. Now, Chinese steel industry is deepening its supply side reform and shifting its group, from the mass capacity oriented model to quality and  profit oriented development. As a major force in the high quality growth, HBIS has been following the trend and be dedicated to provide the most valuable steel material and solution packages to its clients. 

To touch the resources, market and clients of the globe, HBIS has implemented a strategy of a globalized industrial chain and become the most internationalized steel enterprise in China. In this process, HBIS is getting more influential and promoting the images of Chinse steel industry. HBIS achievements have been ackowledged by the world steel community and Chairman Yu Yong is now the new Chairman of World Steel Association.

In the assembly, Yu Yong attended the press conference and asked questions, together with other executives of worldsteel. After the meeting, as the new Chairman, Yu Yong invited the guests and media to attend the 2020 World Steel Assembly in Shanghai, China.